Floods disrupt school education

The recent floods in Nadi, Ba, Rakiraki and other areas in Fiji have disrupted many families who had just completed rebuilding their properties and lives after the previous major flood disaster of 2009.

A large number of poor people living in the flood prone-and low-lying areas have been adversely affected. Many have lost their houses and crops.

As is their wont, may New Zealanders, especially former Fiji residents, are collecting money and other essential supplies for those affected by the floods.

The New Zealand Association of Fiji Teachers has risen to the occasion to offer financial assistance to families facing hardship and in meeting the cost of sending their children to school.

Following this year’s floods, the Association raised its target to $20,000 to meet the urgent needs in the affected areas and offer relief to families living in poverty- stricken squatter areas.

Auckland alone has approximately 70,000 Indians who have some connection with Fiji and if each family contributed a little, we would be able to reach the target easily.

Let us remind ourselves what the great Saint Mother Teresa said in respect of giving. She said, “The person who gives with a smile is the best giver because God loves a cheerful giver.”

The members of our Association are approaching business houses, mandalis, clubs and individuals for donations and the response has been encouraging.

Due to time constraint, it is not practical to approach every one personally and hence we request donors to contact us.

In keeping with its objective, the Association seeks to assist the needy, irrespective of their religion or creed.

As a part of our efforts to mobilise finance, the Association organised a music concert and dance at the Mt Eden Memorial Hall in Auckland on February 11.

For further details regarding donation, please call Rishi Maharaj on (09) 6278226 or Hari Goundar on (09) 5781280.

David Reddy is publicity officer of the New Zealand Association of Fiji Teachers based in Auckland.

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