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A number of exporters of food stuffs and related items from Taiwan were in Auckland last fortnight to explore possibilities of expanding commercial ties with importers and distributors in New Zealand.

The one-day event, held at the Langham Hotel in Auckland on September 19, 2016, included New Zealand importers of varied ethnicity engaged in food business.

The visitors were manufacturers and exporters of a number of essential items such as Rice and Cereals, Noodles, Prepared Food, Preserved and Canned Food, Sauces and Dressings, Frozen Fish Fillet, Confectioneries, Soft Drinks and Teas.

Cess reduced

food-mission-brings-dr-chung-hsing-chou-and-others-webAmy Tsai, Director, Taiwan Trade Centre based in Sydney said that following the signing of the ANZTEC Agreement on July 10, 2013, customs duties on most Taiwanese agricultural products has been eliminated.

“Trade liberalisation not only opens up dual-market opportunities but also provides options for consumers in both countries.

Taiwan’s food and beverage sector has been experiencing healthy growth, posting record sales of US$ 3.40 billion in the January-­March 2016 quarter, up by 3.1% over the previous year. The sales were mostly from restaurants, takeaways and Taiwan’s ubiquitous tea shops.

Some figures

A Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade communique said that Taiwan is New Zealand’s eighth largest export market and 16th largest source of imports.

food-mission-brings-amy-tsai-and-others-web“Its dairy, meat, fruit, seafood and forest products are very popular with the Taiwanese and we are their largest supplier of dairy products. Tariffs are being rapidly eliminated, opening up significant trading opportunities.

Two-way trade between the two countries was valued at $1.8 billion in 2014, of which New Zealand’s exports (mainly milk powder, frozen beef and ‘confidential items’ were valued at $1 billion. Taiwan’s exports, valued at $766 million, consisted mainly of oils and biodiesel, stainless steel and bicycles.

The Trade Mission was put together by the Bureau of Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Republic of China and implemented by the Sydney based Taiwan External Trade Development Council and the Taiwan Trade Centre.

Photo Caption:

  1. Mickey Lin, Amy Tsai, Sophie Chen and Ned Chou at the Taiwan Food Mission meeting at the Langham Hotel on September 19.
  2. Taipei Economic and Cultural Office Auckland Director General Dr Chung-Hsing Chou (Fifth from right) with the Taiwanese Food Delegation and Taiwanese government officials at the Langham Hotel on September 19.

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