Football Academy seeks funds for Germany 2017

Magic United Total Academy is concerting efforts to raise funds to enable young players to participate in the European Trip next year.

The Academy is far from reaching its overall goal of raising $300,000 to fund the tour but is confident of reaching its target. The immediate aim is to collect $100,000 by the end of November 2016.

The following article was sent to us by Andrew Robinson, General Manager of Magic United Football Academy based in Carrara, Queensland, Australia.


Lifetime opportunity


Our mission is to provide players with an opportunity of a life time. Our aim is to provide 40 players with this opportunity through fundraising efforts of the Clubs.  Any support is greatly appreciated.

In 2017, we will retrace the grass roots steps of the successful German national team squad. We took a party of 80 to Spain and England in 2015 and we are expecting more to tour next year.

After watching professionals train and play in Germany, along with training with the best Youth German Coaches (Club, Federation) we hope that our players and parents will see the high standards required of becoming a professional player.

Strong commitment

We hope that all players will continue to play sport and lead a healthy and active lifestyle regardless of standard of league in which they play (Professional, Semi- Professional, Amateur, Recreational).

We hope that all players will stay in the game even after they finish playing the world’s most popular game, whether that be as a volunteer, coach, administrator or referee.

Magic United Total Football Academy is committed to offer a world class football and life education that develops students as players and people into leaders of football within Australia, and competent athletes who can compete and achieve success at the highest level possible.

Trip of a life time

football-academy-seeks-funds-serenity-thake-webLike any club, our challenge is to produce players who have technical, physical and psychological qualities.

To help achieve this, we have to learn from the best.

There are currently no better development pathways than the ones established by the German Football Federation (DFB), which extend all over the country.

After recent achievements of the national team, we will follow the trail of success back to its roots – the youth academies.

Following a dismal campaign in the European Championship in 2000, Germany redesigned its player pathways and turned them into World Champions.


Each Bundesliga (Premier/First league) Club must have an intensive training centre for the youth; most of them have built up academies with boarding schools focusing on player development for U9s to U21s. Twenty-one of the 23 German World Cup Champions 2014 were trained in those academies as children or teenagers.

The Mission

Magic United TFA is committed to developing players who will continuously grow and challenge themselves in the quest for excellence.

We provide development that inspires and equips players with skill, strength and competence that will guide them to long term success in football.

We see grassroots football in Australia going to a new level, raising future football leaders who will change the game.

The Values

Teamwork: Play for your team and set an example for everyone to be inspired. A team works best with maximum effort by everyone.

Fair Play: Play by the rules, even when others don’t respect the referee’s decision. Win or lose thank the referee, opposing team and your team mates for a good game.

Attitude: Play with the right attitude by showing respect to your team, family, referee, coach and yourself. Try your best in all that you do, including your relationships with others.

Regardless of ability, age or gender Magic United offers the same level of coaching across the board with player access to quality coaching.

Sport is a unifying factor we have in our communities.

When we provide children with experiences that bring them together with other cultures. Such sportsmanship would make them much better people in the community in their later years.

Such fundraising efforts and foreign tours will help to build their appreciation and resilience, which are key qualities of leadership.


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