Free health clinics provide holistic approach to Cancer

Sudha Pratyusha

Well Women and Family Trust is a Charitable Organisation contracted by the Ministry of Health to work with women in the community to reduce the number of women affected from Cervical and Breast Cancer.

Well Women and Family Trust offers free cervical smears and runs free women’s health clinics across Auckland.

Increasing awareness

Our very gentle and experienced female nurse specialists and health promoters will do their best to provide a comfortable smear test experience.

Auckland is one of the world’s super diverse cities.

New immigrants may have different ideas about cervical and breast screening according to their place of origin.

Some of them may be unaware of what is available in New Zealand.

All women aged 25 to 69 years should have three-yearly cervical smear test.

All women aged between 45 to 69 years should have a two-yearly mammogram.

How Cancer develops

About 97% of Cervical cancer is caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV 16 & 18).

Cancer develops slowly over 10-15 years without any symptoms.

Each year there are around 25,000 abnormal smear test results among New Zealand women.

You can have a smear test even if you are pregnant. It is important to get a cervical smear test even you don’t have sex anymore, you are post-menopausal, and you only have one sexual partner. Your children can be vaccinated against HPV in school or at their GP, this vaccination is free and best given when children are young because they have strong immune system.

Behavioural Patterns

All women feel shy about having an examination of the private parts of the body.

We understand that you may feel nervous, scared or shy, we assure you that we will take time to explain everything, so you feel confident about the test.

I am a qualified Health Promoter.

I will be available to assist with the language and all conversations will be confidential.

Our service is free, and appointments are available in the evenings and Saturday mornings if you work during the day. We encourage you to come with a friend or family.

Life-saving appointment

A fifteen-minute appointment could save your life.

Our specialist female nurses are experts in women’s health and will discuss breast health, sexual health, periods and menopause as necessary.

We will refer you to other services if required.

We encourage you to look after your health while you look after your family.

Please contact us if you would like to talk about it, or if you are due for a cervical smear test.

Sudha Pratyusha is an Indian Health Promoter based at Unit 14/49 Sainsbury Road, Morningside, Auckland. Phone: (09) 8467886 Mobile: 021-2722786; Email:


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Professionals who care- Sudha Pratyusha with her colleagues at Well Women and Family Trust (Picture Supplied)

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