Friendly attitude generates positive energy

Potential immigrants, who fall into the hands of ‘wrong advisors,’ feel frustrated and betrayed after years of waiting with little knowledge of the status of their application with Immigration New Zealand.

That is the bane of this profession, unless of course, you choose the right person with the right attitude in the right firm.

The Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007 obliges all consultants and agents (except lawyers and law firms) to be registered with the Immigration Advisors Authority Registrar based in Auckland. This solves a part of the problem.

Transparency, Accountability and Integrity are still a part of the equation and much depends on one’s choice of the Advisor.

On such a score, Aakanksha McClymont of Alastair McClymont Solicitors and Lawyers (incorporating McClymont Immigration Law) belongs to a distinct galaxy of Indian businesswomen who have a penchant for quality service, punctuated by honesty and sincerity, leading to customer satisfaction.

Respect and Care

An increasing number of clients who believe that apart from getting value for their money, the treatment that they receive from the professional team at the firm is endearing.

Born and educated in her native Chandigarh in Punjab and in London, Aakanksha was raised to pursue professional and family lives with dignity and honour. She managed the marketing department of her father’s pipe manufacturing business before migrating to New Zealand in 2001 under the General Skills Category.

Aakanksha has indubitably made a difference in the life of Alastair, both at home and at work.

The ability to combine professional ethics and understanding of people’s predicament and anxiety makes her a businesswoman par excellence.

Her penchant for personal attention to details, direct involvement in all aspects of operations of the firm keeps her busy but she enjoys her responsibilities.

From finance, administration and public relations to direct interaction with clients would seem formidable, but Aakansha goes about her business with alacrity and efficiency. She remains fresh and cheerful at the end of each business day, just as she was at its beginning.

Dual Responsibility

That is not all; with her husband Alastair maintaining his own hectic schedule, she manages a young family of two small children without any help.

“It is only possible by operating at 200 kmph, round-the-clock,” she said.

“It is team work here in our firm. I have had the opportunity to make changes and improvements to increase productivity and efficiency. This is testified by the increased turnover in our business even in times of recession.”

Her mission is to develop a reputation in the market for quality, professional and honest service.

Aakansha is confident that anyone can achieve such a goal by striving hard and through positive results.

She said clients should be respected and cared for and not exploited, the latter being common in the immigration industry.

Aakansha follows the famous saying of American writer Theodor Seuss Geisel:

“Be what you are and say what you feel, because those who mind do not matter and those who matter do not mind.”

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