From PNG to Australia, young brothers stay inspired by Carnatic Music

Raghuveer and Narayan Rangan Concert September 24, 2017

Mt Roskill War Memorial Hall, May Road, Auckland at 3 pm

Venkat Raman

Auckland, September 19, 2017

Two young Melburnians will present a two-hour Carnatic Music Concert on Sunday, September 24, 2017 at Mt Roskill War Memorial Hall located at May Road, Mt Roskill, Auckland.

Organised by the New Zealand Carnatic Music Society (NZCMS), the Concert of Raghuveer and Narayan Rangan will commence at 3 pm with Dr Ashok Malur on the Violin and Abhinav Ramesh on Mridangam.

Admission to the Concert is free for current NZCMS members and $5 for non-members.

Further information can be obtained from Secretary Ashok Devarajan. Email: secretarynzcms

Musical family

Born and raised in a musical family that fosters traditional and moral values, the two young singers have been practicing and performing Carnatic Music with passion and commitment. Their repertoire and prowess in executing various ragas have been a source of endearment for Carnatic Music lovers on both sides of the Tasman.

Music lovers await their Concert in Auckland with large expectations.

Raghuveer Rangan

Raghuveer showed passion for music when he was just two years old and would join and sing at bhajan sessions while his family was living in Papua New Guinea.

He started formal Carnatic music lessons when he was four years old under the tutelage of Vijayashree Rangan, his Mother and Guru. She is a recognised Carnatic Musician, having learnt the art from Vijaya Nagarajan, a discipline of the legendary D K Pattammal. Her high proficiency as a teacher enabled Raghuveer to learn the nuances of the traditional art and sing with passion and piety.

His father, an ardent admirer of Carnatic Music, encouraged his wife and children to achieve proficiency, with rave reviews by local media.

As the family moved to Australia, Raghuveer started learning from Vasumati Subramanian (a disciple of V V Sadagopan and T R Subramanian) for about seven years.

Later, he started performing at small programmes in Melbourne.

Narayan Rangan

During this period, Narayan, inspired by his elder brother, started learning Carnatic music from Vasumati. Both were her students until 2009.

A chance meeting with Vidwan O S Thiagarajan during the Sydney Music Festival in 2010 brought him under the Master’s training. The seven-year relationship as Guru-Sishyas continue to this date.

The musical journey Raghuveer and Narayan commenced six years ago and has continued to prosper. Both have been performing at concerts in Chennai during the Music season and at concerts in Melbourne and Sydney.


The brothers have helped raise about $7000 for Cancer Council of Melbourne.

Raghuveer and Narayan have performed with Dushyanth Sridhar (Harikatha), O S Thiagarajan, while the latter has won prizes in the Sydney Music competition for Juniors in 2012 and 2013.

Narayan won the ‘Carnatician 2017’ Title and ‘Global Carnatician 2017’ (Global winner) in the Senior Category of the Australian Contest.

Expanding horizons

Their skill and repertoire have expanded significantly over the years, evidenced by their ability to focus on the manodharma aspect of Carnatic music; namely, Raga Alapanai, Kalpana Swaram, Neraval and Ragam Thanam Pallavi as well as presenting three-hour concerts.

“This is a life-ling musical journey and we have a long way to go,” they said.


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