From the Water’s edge to the threshold of peace

Paihia opens its heart to the world

Paihia is affectionately known as ‘Jewel of the Bay of the Islands,’ access to which from Russell is via the Opua ferry.

It is easy to see why it means ‘good here’ in Māori, for not only is this an excellent base to explore the Bay in all its glory but the town itself is a lively and colourful place full of warm-hearted people.

Charlotte serves with passion

Our short stay in Paihia was well spent at ‘Charlotte’s Kitchen,’ a newly established restaurant and bar not so easy to find, but located right at the end of the pier where its eye-catching logo and friendly staff instantly draw people.

Given its idyllic location near the ocean, the beautiful view of the Bay is an understatement, for one’s dining experience is heightened either by the colours of the setting sun or by the twinkling lights at night.

The restaurant’s unique name is in remembrance of Charlotte Badger, a criminal from the UK and allegedly the first European woman to settle in New Zealand, who was known for her passion, strength and daring conquests.

Modernity rubs with the past

The interiors of the restaurant are also noticeable, a blend where modernity meets style, yet cosy at the same time.

‘Charlotte’s Kitchen’ is different from other restaurants for it believes that meals are to be shared, the way that families and loved ones eat and share meals at home.

Hence, if food is a reason to bring people closer together, then this place would certainly create that ambience.

It is recommended to make a booking. Vegetarian and gluten-free options are also available. Please visit and

Slice of Heaven

With a commendable tagline such as ‘Jewel of the Bay,’ staying at ‘The Scenic Hotel Bay of Islands,’ would be an apt accommodation for any traveller to Paihia (and other islands of the Bay).

100% New Zealand owned and operated, the hotel is set at international standards with a genuine feel of Kiwi hospitality, welcoming guests ranging from business and corporate visitors to families, groups and individuals.

‘The Scenic Hotel Bay of Islands’ is one of the most naturesque hotels with rooms surrounded by lush greenery and island-inspired beauty, as though one is amongst a rainforest but with all the creature comforts!

To experience this slice of Kiwi hospitality within the accommodation, please visit and


Photo Caption:

  1. Charlotte’s Kitchen- The name is a draw in Paihia
  2. Charlotte’s Kitchen- indulge in cuisine luxury- handcrafted pizza with blue cheese and onion jam
  3. The Scenic Hotel Bay of Islands- Where visitors become friends
  4. The Scenic Hotel Bay of Islands- From Nature to Stature

Pictures by Ratna Venkat

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