Fundraiser to promote Charity work of ‘Hugging Mother’

Venkat Raman 

Charity workers, community welfare organisations and especially those in the service of the world renowned ‘Hugging Mother’ will attend a programme on October 6 in Auckland.

‘Amma New Zealand,’ an organisation devoted to the cause of Mata Amritanandmayi Devi

is organising the Programme on October 8, 2017 (from 4 pm) at the Blockhouse Bay Community Centre located at 524 Blockhouse Bay Road, Auckland.

Simi Sethu, one of the organisers, said that the proceeds from the Programme will be used to support under-privileged children and provide food to homeless people.

“Both activities are dear to Amma, who has devoted her life to uplift the poor and the downtrodden and give them fresh hopes and lives. This Programme will be dedicated to her with a prayer that she should visit New Zealand soon,” she said.

Ms Sethu said that entry tickets, priced at $10 per person (free for children less than five years of age) are now available. Vegetarian food would also be on sale at the venue, she said.

Amritanandmayi has never been to New Zealand but hundreds of her devotees hope that their prayers will be answered soon.

“All of us look forward to the visit of Amma to New Zealand. Her very presence spreads divinity and everything that is good and desirable in Nature,” Ms Sethu said.

Purity of Spirit

‘Amma’ (meaning Mother in several Indian languages) is stated to represent purity of spirit. Her teachings have captured the minds and hearts of countless men, women and children of every ethnic and cultural vicissitude in every continent on earth.

Christened Sudhamani at birth (at Parayakadavu, a fishing village in the Quilon district of Kerala), she showed compassion and understanding from an early age.

She is known for her philanthropic work as well as her innate knowledge of almost everything that a human being could seek.

Centres advocating her teachings have been established in Asia, Middle East, Africa, North and South America and Europe.

Her constant message is, “Everywhere we look we see pictures of bloodshed and people shedding tears. There is no compassion even towards children. Many innocent people are perishing in wars and terrorist attacks.

And to her followers in Auckland grouped under MA (Mata Amritanandmayi) Trust New Zealand, Amma’s (not to be confused with the former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister the late Jayalalitha Jayaram, who was similarly addressed) birthday is a day to rejoice, pray and recall her teachings.

Devotees Praise

Embracing the World is a global network of regional humanitarian organisations inspired by the India-based humanitarian initiatives of Amma. It helps alleviate the burden of the world’s poor, helping them to meet each of their five basic needs including food, shelter, healthcare, education and livelihood, wherever and whenever possible.

“Augmenting these efforts, Amma’s devotees work in the fields of environmental conservation and sustainability to help protect the future of our fragile planet. And through Amrita University, our researchers are innovating new means of delivery of knowledge, information, energy, and healthcare so that we can provide support to those in need,” Amma’s website says.

This is a global network of humanitarian organisation inspired by Amma.

Amma New Zealand

Amma New Zealand has been working on multiple projects including Fundraising for Child Cancer Foundation, Kidney Kids, St John, Blood Donation, Tree Plantation, Food Donation Drive for Auckland City Mission, Free Food for the Homeless, and Free Meditation and Yoga lessons.


Photo Caption:

Mata Amritanandmayi Devi with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi on March 28, 2015 in Delhi

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