Funds sought for kidney transplant

Friends of a visiting Fijian have come together to mobilise financial resources for the man to pay for his kidney transplant and other medical expenses.

Twenty-nine year Sanil Kumar was diagnosed with the problem in Auckland and since he is not a permanent resident, he would be liable to meet all medical expenses but with a modest economic background, neither he nor his family can afford to do so. Kidney transplant entails a long process of preparation and recuperation before and after surgical transplant, all of which are beyond Sanil’s means.

A charitable organisation called, ‘Sanil Kumar Medical Fund,’ has been established seeking public help.

Fund President Kamta Prasad and Secretary Pradeep Chand said that the total cost including the transplant would be more than $130,000.

“It is heart-breaking to see such an otherwise healthy person undergoing daily dialysis. The Hospital needs money upfront before commencing the related tasks,” they said.

According to Mr Prasad, there are a number of donors ready to go through the first phase of matching and compatibility but without funds, medical practitioners would not be able to commence work.

Donations can be remitted to the account of ‘Sanil Kumar Medical Fund’ either through internet banking or at any branch of ANZ Bank (Account Number 01-0721-0106892-55). Mr Prasad said the charitable Fund will issue a receipt which may be useful in claiming income tax rebate.

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