Glamour should have the right exposure

Ashok Kochhar – Imagination limits-Ashok Kochhar

Photography has evolved over time and presently sits on its pinnacle.

It has also expanded into unlimited branches and streams, out of which few are commonly known as Fashion, Landscape, Street, Nature and Wild Life Photography.

Out of all the varied genres, Glamour or Fashion Photography requires very special skills for any photographer.

One needs to know the dynamics of studio and outdoor lighting in detail and have at the same time in-depth knowledge of the fashion trends, make up and its intensity at different lighting conditions.

One also needs to have excellent relationship with the models or actors.

The best fashion photographs of all time are those where the model and the photographer had great interaction, where the model in front of the camera is as comfortable as in his or her own environment.

This gives the picture a unique flow, which is unseen and beyond description.

I have shot hundreds of pictures of as many models and I have always tried to respect their space and give them time to know me.

It is vital for the model to convey the right emotions in the right proportions, for which you need to provide the right brief, and the right freedom for them to experiment and express themselves.

It is this amalgamation of technique, understanding of human expressions and eye for details that give you a final finished visual.

Ashok Kochhar is an international photographer who is out to capture New Zealand from several new angles. His 500-day journey will prove to be a visual treat for Indian Newslink readers and eventually to everyone in the world. He can be contacted on 022-6467496; Email:

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