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At GNR Accountants we ensure that your business growth is based on sound financial advice. Whether you are seeking to do business in New Zealand, investing in or starting a new business, or hoping to grow your existing business or enhance its efficiency, you cannot afford to focus all of your time and resources on support functions and processes.

Dependable and Trusted
What you need is a dependable, trusted public accountant who will support you with proven outsourced services so that you can focus on what matters: core business activities that achieve real, sustainable results.
We are Entrepreneurs, Business People, Consultants and Negotiators. We are also Accountants. Excellent Accountants! But today more is required. Our clients demand a wide range of services.

Best of both
Our partners know both sides of the desk. This gives you, the client, the confidence to consult with us, not only as your accountant, but as your business associate as well. Sure, we can function as simple “number crunchers. “But our strength lies in total Client Service.
GNR Accountants through its network firm in Fiji, is associated with an organisation of professional accounting firms providing clients with comprehensive and personal service relating to accounting, taxation and general financial and management advice.

Sound knowledge
At GNR Accountants, we appreciate the importance of a successful, well-oiled business to the stakeholders. We know that there are many pitfalls and weaknesses in business structures and systems. To gain maximum returns from any investment it is important to develop and maintain strong relationships with consultants and professionals as an aid to achieving your goals and ensuring that businesses also meet their statutory obligations. We know that positive results are achieved by meeting those challenges step by step as part of a close trusting relationship with our clients.

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