Godinhos take a Pearl out of their Wedding

Venkat Raman – 

To their family and friends, Joanne and Vincent Godinho have always appealed as genuine people, with a high note of hospitality, goodwill and the true Christian spirit of love and compassion.

As businesspersons, both have been successful entrepreneurs in distinctly different areas- she as a beautician and he as a restauranteur, coffeemaker, property investor, liquor dealer and many more. But both have forged one common bond- of genuine friendship towards all and malice towards none.

Successful Marriage

And when the couple marked their 30th (Pearl) Anniversary at St John’s Vianney Catholic Church in Hillsborough in Auckland on December 18, 2015, there were many of their well-wishers and friends, who were unanimous in their opinion: That the Pearl couple are one of a kind and are shining example of matrimonial happiness.

Joanne said, “This is an Anniversary to celebrate; the happiness of today; the treasured memories of yesterday and the hopes of tomorrow.”

She said that compatibility and happiness depend on the couple and each has to give his or her best to make a marriage work.

“In my case, I have been blessed with an understanding husband who has left no stone unturned to ensure that our family is always happy. Our daughter Alesha is God’s gift to us. She is our joy and the reason for our happiness,” Joanne said.

The presence of Alesha, an important executive at a multinational in Sydney, Australia, added joy to the ‘Pearl Couple’ and guests.

The Editor of this newspaper spoke at the event and proposed a toast to Joanne and Vincent Godinho.


Photo Caption:

Joanne and Vincent Godinho with their daughter Alesha at their Pearl Wedding Anniversary on December 18 in Auckland

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