Good management brings ‘Best of the Best Employer Award’ to Link2 Group

Good management brings ‘Best of the Best Employer Award’ to Link2 Group

Recognition and applause at Westpac Awards on March 14, 2019

Venkat Raman

Auckland, March 19, 2019

Jaya, Rahul and Indra Sirigiri with Vodafone Head of Corporate Sector Kate Tulp after winning the ‘Westpac Best of the Best Employer Award’ on March 14, 2019 (Picture Supplied)

When the East-Auckland based Link2 Group Limited was declared Winner of the ‘Best of the Best Employer of the Year 2018’ at the Westpac Awards Ceremony held on Thursday, March 14, 2019, it was an endorsement of the Company’s exemplary role as a responsible employer.

It was also an acknowledgement of the fortitude and vision of its Founder-Directors Indra and Manasa Sirigiri, who established the Company 19 years ago to engage in a market with exacting standards of ethics and customer service.

The Link2 Group team with the ‘Westpac Best of the Best Employer Award’ on March 14, 2019 (Picture Supplied)

The Awards Ceremony was attended, among other VIPs, by Auckland Mayor Phil Goff, who said that the City of Auckland depends of the success of companies to maintain economic growth, provide employment and promote overall business.

“We appreciate the contributions of companies that have participated in the Westpac Awards. The success is crucial to the future of Auckland,” he said.

‘Best of the Best Awards,’ is a two-step process, with the Link2 Group winning the ‘Westpac Best Employer Southeast Auckland 2018’ Award. Winners of this Category from Northwest and Auckland Central were automatically entered into the ‘Best of the Best Award,’ which was presented to Link2 Group.

The Group had won the ‘Westpac Excellence in Strategy and Planning Award’ in in 2017 and the ‘Supreme Business Award’ (Southeast Auckland) in 2018.

Other Awards & Citations

Link2 Services Limited, the flagship of the Group received the ‘Supreme Business of the Year Award’ from the then Prime Minister John Key at the Ninth Annual Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards held at SkyCity Convention Centre on November 28, 2016. The Company also won the ‘Best Employer of Choice’ and ‘Business Excellence in Customer Service Award’ that year and in 2015.

Jeff Briscoll, Westpac Regional Commercial Manager, Manasa, Indra, Michael Barnett (Auckland Business Chamber), Rahul and Jaya Sirigiri after winning the Westpac Supreme Business Award (Southeast Auckland) on October 17, 2018. (Photo Supplied)

In selecting the Company for the ‘Best Employer of Choice,’ the Independent Panel of Judges said, “Link 2 Group has more than 200 staff with 60% Indian ethnicity working with 35-40 different customers across Auckland and operating from their East Tamaki Office. New employees undergo an induction programme with a significant focus on health and safety systems as well as the required skills for customer deployment. Staff with leadership abilities are identified by Site Supervisors and Customer Service Managers from performance reviews and client feedback.”

Jaya, Rahul, Indra and Manasa with Kevin Obern, Managing Director, Office Max after winning the Westpac South East Region Employer of Year Award on October 17, 2018. (Picture Supplied)

Modest Beginnings

Like many migrants, life was not easy for Mr and Mrs Sirigiri as they arrived in New Zealand from their native Hyderabad with two children (son Rahul and daughter Sowmya) in the Autumn of 1997. He, a Civil Engineer by qualification and profession was ‘over-qualified’ and she, with no work experience. But they had hope, confidence and ability to do hard work, along with a saving of $2200.

“Manasa was the first to get a job in a production house, and I also managed to secure employment in the printing industry. Pleased with her efficiency and sincerity, Manasa’s employers encouraged her to start her own business in May 1998. I started helping her in the evenings and on weekends. Those were the beginnings of our own enterprise and Link2 Services Limited was officially launched in December 2000,” Mr Sirigiri said.

He said that Mrs Sirigiri was known for her team work, understanding and compassion.

“These qualities made her a good employer and Link2 Services began to grow. The family business expanded with the acquisition of ‘Apparel Solutions,’ in 2013 (rebranded as ‘Link2 Solutions in 2017) and ‘Stirling Recruitment’ last year,” he said.

Mr Sirigiri used his experience in business both as an employer and employee to determine the sort of company he wanted Link2 Services to be – one that worked hard for the customers and that treated the employees with respect. Indra is involved in a governance role at Link2 Group, focusing on growth while sustaining current client relationships.

Today, he is the Chairman and Managing Director of multi-million dollar Link 2 Services, Link2 Solutions and Stirling Recruitment Limited with a staff of over 400.

He directs the Mission of the companies to be the link between customer demand and personnel, providing manpower when and where needed.

Shared responsibilities

Link2 Services has a flat management structure intended to maintain flexibility in meeting client’s requests and allowing swift communication within the business.

The Company has set performance standards at corporate, team and personal levels; and monitors progress of each of these on a monthly basis. All personnel work to achieve higher levels of productivity and profitability and then set higher targets. These factors promote high levels of financial performance of the companies in the Link2 Group, which in turn reflect staff placement, customer satisfaction and other measurable factors.

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