Goodman Fielder wants to acquire Yoplait Yogurt

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Wellington, June 22, 2018

The Commerce Commission has received a clearance application from Goodman Fielder New Zealand Limited to acquire assets related to the manufacture and distribution of ‘Yoplait’ branded yoghurt in New Zealand from Lion – Dairy & Drinks (NZ) Limited.

About Goodman Fielder

Goodman Fielder is a food company operating across New Zealand, Australia, and the Asia-Pacific region. In New Zealand, Goodman Fielder produces a range of dairy, bread, and grocery items, including yoghurt under the brands Meadow Fresh, Activate Probiotic, Naturalea, Kalo, and Puhoi Valley.

About Lion

Lion is a food and beverage company in Australia and New Zealand ultimately owned by Kirin Holdings Company Limited. Lion’s New Zealand business includes alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, dairy drinks, and the manufacture and distribution of yoghurt under the Yoplait brand.

Lion currently has a licence from Sodima (a French company) to use the Yoplait brand in New Zealand. As well as acquiring manufacturing and distribution assets from Lion, Goodman Fielder intends to obtain a licence from Sodima such that it would be the exclusive supplier of Yoplait Yoghurt in New Zealand.

A public version of the application will be available on the Commission’s Clearances Register shortly.

The Commerce Commission will give clearance to a proposed merger if we are satisfied that the merger is unlikely to have the effect of substantially lessening competition in a market.

A fact sheet explaining how the Commission assesses a merger application is available on the Clearances Page.


Image from Lion Dairy & Drinks (NZ) Website

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