Greetings from a family

Indian Newslink belongs to a family of readers who represent every facet of human faith and disposition, some of them even transcending the borders of religion, just as they do with language and nationality.

It is therefore natural for us to commemorate every major event on the social and religious calendar of the community of people with equal zest and sincerity.

For, we are in partnership with people and partake in their vicissitudes and joy.

Diwali is an occasion in which we rejoice with our men, women and children who celebrate the festival in their homes with men, women and children who do not celebrate the festival in their homes.

That’s the spirit of Festival of Lights.

It belongs to all.

Just like the rays of the Sun that lights the stars that shine from above.

This year, as we extend our warmest greetings to our readers, contributors, advertisers, well-wishers, competitors and even those who are not entirely happy with us, we hope and pray the world would become a happier place for every human being.

Happy Diwali!

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