Greetings from us

Forget the troubles of the world.

Leave your worries for another day, another time.

Ignore all those terrorists and mischief-makers for a while.

This is the season to give, take and enjoy.

With friends, colleagues and of course the family.

This is Diwali time.

It is that season of joy and fun, ringing out the old and bringing in the new.

Think for a moment that the world has no woes, no foes.

Think of another moment that men and women know no sorrow, only a bright morrow.

Think forever that the world would become a better place to live, to love.

Then read this special Diwali 2013 again and again and again.

It has colour, beauty, fun, entertainment and something more to ponder.

It was perhaps bigger before but can get better next time.

Until then, be happy, be healthy and most important, be with us.

Because together we have grown and will continue to do so.

With best wishes,

Indian Newslink team.

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