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Diwali is a time to give, a time to raise hope and a time to look forward to better times. As the members of our community mark the Festival of Lights this year, we are confident that their celebrations will herald a new era of progress and prosperity for the people of the world at large, irrespective of their social status and religious beliefs.

This Diwali 2012 special is the effort of our contributors and others who believe in lifting the quality of this publication issue after issue.

Our team of photographers has been of great value as well. Their stunning work can be seen throughout the pages of this Special Report. They eliminated to a large extent, the need to go elsewhere. We appreciate their contributions.

Publications do not live on editorials alone; they need to be patronised by advertisers and their agencies. But they were startled by the number of players in the market, some willing to cut the throat of others to gain some additional advertising space, and some trying to be cheeky and openly running down others.

But advertisers see through such games and believe that quality has no alternative and is seldom compromised by cost. After all, they are successful businesspersons, who know that lowering prices alone does not ensure success; in fact it could be antithetical, because prices should be affordable to both buyers and sellers.

We salute them for their understanding and support, for, without them, we would not have written this piece.

We are also grateful to our sponsors who are involved in our other brands, namely the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards, the Indian Newslink Indian Sports Awards and the Indian Newslink Sir Anand Satyanand Lecture. Their support and patronage have lifted the quality of these projects over the years.

We live in a country that is cosmopolitan, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural and catering to such a diverse mix of people is a challenge to a newspaper like Indian Newslink.

The need to be relevant, informative and add shelf-value is greater today than ever before; which was the prime motivator of this project.

As we present this special issue, we are confident that it would stimulate your interest as it spurred our enthusiasm. We take this opportunity to wish our advertisers, contributors, writers, photographers, models, well-wishers and you dear readers, a Happy Diwali and to those marking it, a Prosperous New Year.

The Indian Newslink Team

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