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Almost a decade ago, Indian Newslink started something that promised to be a revolution.

It was the first of its kind initiative by any organisation in New Zealand – the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards.

The Awards have grown over the years and 2017 marks the Tenth Anniversary.

The entries for this year’s Awards are now open (visit for rules and regulations, eligibility criteria and to download the entry forms.

It is therefore timely that we talk about those who have been there and done that – the past winners.

It will be nice to know what stage their journey is at now and how things have changed for them after they were feted in front of their peers and businesses and political leaders of New Zealand.

The Link 2 Group

We start with the winner of Supreme Business Award for last year (2016)- The Link2 Group. It is a family-owned and managed business, very much in the mould of traditional Indian culture.

Its Managing Director Indra Sirigiri and his wife Manasa started the Group in 2000; today their son Rahul amply supports them as CEO.

Together, they represent the typical Kiwi Indian family where traditional oriental values thrive alongside inherent Kiwi ingenuity.

They have around 200 personnel who provide to major businesses like The Warehouse, Farmers, Mainfreight, DHL, Pernod-Rickard and Mondiale.

The attitude towards their team is clear – “All of us belong to one family; we share our joy and sorrow with the same degree of ownership. But we cannot allow (personal) relations to hamper either our quality of service or commitment to customers. Everyone including me is accountable,” Mr Indra Sirigiri said.

Progress – a way of life

The Company is regarded as a reliable logistical link for uninterrupted contract services. Mr Sirigiri saw a different way of managing contract labour in the logistics sector, where he had worked for many years.

Instead of hiring inexperienced casual staff on an hourly rate, he offers clients a fixed price and provides them the services of trained Link2 Services staff with an onsite supervisor.

In the years since the company was founded, the Sirgiris have never rested on their laurels. So, it is no surprise that they have expanded in diverse range of activities including a takeover of Apparel solutions, in 2013, to provide warehousing services. They also have films, architecture and warehousing solutions apart from transport.

Supreme Business

The Company has made more than 35,000 average placements every year from 2013-2016 up from about 9000 in the 2010-2013. The trend continues its upward journey at present, too. The recipe for success for Link2 group includes (1) Its flat management structure (2) Swift communication with internal and external stakeholders of the business (3) Continuous monitoring of set targets (4) Employee consultations at all levels (5) A strict finance control policy and (6) Expansion and diversification.

The company not only won the Supreme Business Award but also the ‘Business Excellence in Customer Service’ and ‘Best Employer of Choice’ Categories in 2016. Rahul Sirigiri won the ‘Best Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award’ in 2016, the second such Award since 2013.

Link 2 Group was also a finalist in the Westpac Auckland Business Awards in the ‘Employer of the Year’ category in 2016.

All of the above just goes to show that those who are recognised at BNZ Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards are recognised across the commercial world.

Manish Tanna is an educationist and community worker, currently teaching at Mahurangi College, Warkworth. He is an active Member of the National Party.

Email:; Twitter – @manishtanna; Facebook manishtanna; Instagram: manish.tanna



Indra Sirigiri is all smiles as former Prime Minister John Key has a word with the winner of the Supreme Business of the Year Award, watched on either side by Manasa Sirigiri and BNZ Chairman Doug McKay at the Ninth Annual Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards held on November 28, 2016 at Sky City Convention Centre, Auckland.

(Pictures by Narendra and Sai Bedekar)

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