Halal certification adds value

One of the most important aspects of Halal trade is the certification that the items manufactured, processed, transported, distributed and sold conform to the tenets of Islam and that Muslims can consume them.

With the expansion of the market to include non-Muslims, the need for the certification has become even more imperative.

In New Zealand, accreditation of enterprises claiming to deal in Halal products must be certified as such by the Wellington based Federation of Islamic Associations in New Zealand (FIANZ). The federation has inspecting officials located in Auckland and other major cities to assess such claims and certify them as Halal.

One such retailer to receive the FIANZ certificate was Food 4 Less Supermarket.

The firm’s director Nilesh Prakash said Halal items at the outlets in Otahuhu and New Lynn were confined to lamb, meat, goat, chicken and duck meat and lamb and mutton sausages.

“Muslims do not consume pork and Hindus stay away from beef and hence we do not deal in these items, as a mark of respect to their sentiments,” he said.

A FIANZ official said Food 4 Less sourced its meat from Halal suppliers and that the outlets could be certified as a Halal dealer.

The firm’s Halal staff are well respected in the industry.

Apart from Halal items, the retail outlet symbolises New Zealanders’ penchant for shopping and their quest for seeking the best on offer.


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