Halal food promotes healthy living

Halal is gaining in popularity worldwide as more and more people become aware of the Islamic food requirements. This popularity is driven not only by the awareness amongst Muslims of the need to eat that which is deemed Halal but also from manufacturers and suppliers who are keen to tap into the lucrative Muslim markets.

New Zealand is an agricultural economy, as such processes, and exports food products such as meat and dairy and other manufactured food products.

The demand for Halal products in the domestic market has encouraged the establishment of a number of butcheries and meat stores that conform to the stringent codes of Halal.

Foremost among these in Hamilton is New Zealand Prime Halal Meat Company, arguably the largest and most extensive of its type within the Asian business community. Certified by the Federation of Islamic Associations in New Zealand (FIANZ), the Halal products of this company are gaining acceptance among a cross-section of consumers.

“We strive to be different from others in what we offer both in terms of quality and price,” says owner Mohammed Shamim.

“The rising demand for Halal is encouraging but it is important to provide products in strict adherence to public health standards of hygiene and safety. It is also important to ensure that the meat is properly processed,” he said.

Mohammed understands well the importance of Quality Control and the need to ensure public safety both as a businessman in his native Fiji and as a ‘Water Care’ official in Auckland.

Moving to Hamilton last year, he purchased an ongoing concern.

“New Zealand Prime Halal Meat markets a wide range of Halal products including beef, lamb, goat and chicken. We also sell a huge variety of Indian and Fijian spices, rice, oil and other items,” he said.

As the Muslim population in New Zealand grows, now estimated to be 25,000, the demand for Halal food will also grow locally. For those that want to tap into this market for commercial purpose, it is imperative they understand the market and its requirements and secondly develop processes that will help deliver this to its consumers. Halal, in this regard, is a symbol of quality and a religious requirement.

Having established the Company financially sound, Shamim would like to move on to other vocations.

NZ Prime Halal Meat is now in the market for a good taker.

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