Halal fosters public health

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While Islamic countries have promoted Halal as a religious requirement enforced by law, countries such as New Zealand are keen to improve public health and foster the concept of ‘appropriate food prepared appropriately.’

New Zealand could pride itself of being a good Halal centre and such a claim is well testified by the presence of a number of wholesalers, retailers, restaurants and takeaways that conform to the tenets of Halal.

Kwality Halal Meat based in Otahuhu is among them.

Prime Supplier

Established a decade years ago, this outlet has been supplying primary quality Halal meat and has grown from strength to strength, fortifying the goal of owner Naushad Ali to remain ‘a cut above the rest.’

“We are focused on providing only the finest Halal meat, sourcing from reliable suppliers. Our products carry not only assured quality but also competitive prices. We caters to hotels, restaurants and other outlets and can offer special slices and cuts,” he said.

The Otahuhu based store understands that dealing with Halal entails a special responsibility. Mr Ali is aware that the products sold should be authentic and certified as such by the appropriate authority.

Affordable quality

Mr Ali and his team have been striving hard to supply top quality Halal meat, punctuated by quality customer service.

“The shop is as big as the quality but not the price,” customers say.

Bulk purchase of lamb, beef and chicken allows him to keep the retail value attractive, supported by friendly and prompt service.

From time to time fresh goat meat is also on sale.

“Anyone can get Halal meat from certified Halal butchers but at Kwality Halal Meat, they are assured of a fair deal,” Mr Ali said.


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