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Jesus said, “If you want to come to the Kingdom of God, ‘be like a child.”

Creativity has many angles.

It is integral in most part of existence but because of the critical weave of society, a child gets conditioned early in life.

Therefore, it becomes difficult to know at a later stage what a child’s perception and beliefs were in those early years.

This is an experiment and start of a new initiative to induce art at an early stage in the life of a child.

My World My Vision, is a unique creative photography initiative conceived and executed by an international photographer from New Delhi, India Ashok Kochhar.

He is travelling throughout New Zealand on a self-funded project titled ‘500 Days in New Zealand.’

My World My Vision is a social project through which 20 children aged between 6-12 years from varied socio-economic background were given cameras.

These children were asked to take pictures of anything they liked.

The cameras chosen for the project were disposable film cameras.

Another dimension

This camera adds another dimension to the story, being film camera it is difficult to alter the image. Nobody knew the contents till the film was processed and digitised.

It was exciting to see what these young minds think and what their world looks like.

The pictures taken by these children were exhibited at Creative Waikato, Hamilton, from December 1 to December 13, 2016.

Key Features:

This is an Ashok Kochhar & SVAN Limited initiative, supported by Indian Newslink, Photo & Video International and almost all photography clubs in the Waikato region.

The project was launched at the Sixth Annual Indian Newslink Sir Anand Satyanand Lecture attended by more than 350 prominent people at Pullman Hotel. Auckland on July 25, 2016.

My World My Vision is the first non-commercial social initiative, conceived, executed, and funded by a photographer.

40 disposable film cameras were given to 20 children.

One picture from each camera was showcased at a two-week exhibition at Creative Waikato, Hamilton.

Other Ashok Kochhar initiatives

Sharing experience with photographers through presentations, demonstrations and one-to-one interaction.

Showcased his works at almost all photography clubs of Waikato region.

More than six Live Photography Demonstrations at Creative Waikato, Hamilton in  2016 and four Live Photography Demonstrations around the Waikato region.

First-ever Photography Exhibition at Civic Square, Hamilton.

Regular full page Creative photography stories in Indian Newslink.

One of the key speakers at the Literary Section of the prestigious, annual ‘Art Week’ held in February at Hamilton Gardens

Editor’s Note: Ashok Kochhar is enlarging his scope of My World My Vision 2017, an announcement of which will appear in an ensuing edition of Indian Newslink.

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