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I arrived as a fresh face on the New Zealand Local Government Election scene in 2013 with enthusiasm and many years of experience to work for Hamilton, a wonderful city.

Prior to this, I was well known to local community groups for my involvement in community and social work.

I managed to secure almost 2000 votes as a first-time candidate in the last election and this feat has inspired me to aim high for Hamilton.

I have been in governance and managerial roles in various community organisations.

In 2010, I was nominated for the ‘Volunteer of the Year’ Award of Volunteering Waikato.

I current work as a volunteer at the Waikato branch of Diabetes NZ.

Proud family

My wife and I proudly raised our three children in Hamilton. Two of them are now accountants and the third is a doctor. We have three lovely grandchildren.

A first class Master of Science with honours, I am an accomplished entrepreneur and a project leader with more than 25 years of executive experience and a number of academic publications.

I have also had international exposure in Europe, Asia and Australasia.

Growing City

Hamilton is a quickly growing city with a diverse vibrant community and we need to look after its economic, social and environmental health and ensure that it remains a great place to live.

I am passionate about the wellbeing and needs of our community and stand firmly on a number of key issues regarding the future of this great city.

I also stand for responsible financial decision-making and economic and social development of Hamilton.

I support affordable housing options, the ‘Hamilton City River Plan’ and no water meters. I also endorse building modern multi-use theatres with a number of features and amenities for the public.

Javed Chaudhary is a candidate for the Hamilton City Council Election.


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