Has anyone listened to you yet?

Has anyone listened- Raj Mitra.jpgAs one of the largest communities of immigrants in Auckland, People of Indian Origin have the right to voice their opinion on the social, economic and cultural aspects that influence and affect our lives.

We have embraced this City as our home and hence the way our City Council operates has a huge impact on our wellbeing.

I want to take the voice of our community back to the City Council.

I think we deserve to contribute to its affairs, as we are stakeholders of the City.

I want to bring new ideas and professionalism to the Local Board. I am passionate about making our community a safer place and I plan to work closely with the Police and Neighbourhood Support Groups to make our communities as safe as possible.

I have a special interest in youth issues and will work to create more facilities for them in the community. Improving public transport in the Whau area is another important issue on my agenda.

I have learnt that making our concerns reach the right people can make it easier to address some issues. I want to build that bridge for our people.

As a qualified Engineer with Masters in Business Management with over 25 years of managerial experience in the corporate world, and with over 30 years of service to the community, I am confident that I have the skills to fight for issues that concern us.

I will work towards implementing new ideas.

Living in Avondale, involved in community work in Blockhouse Bay New Lynn and working in Green Bay demonstrates my firm commitment to the people of Whau.

Please support me for the Local Board and Portage Trust Elections to ensure that your voice is heard and considered.

Raj Mitra is a C&R Community First Candidate for Whau Local Board and Portage Trust.

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