Hate Mailers face prosecution

Hate Mailers face-Inspector Jim Wilson.jpgPeople sending hate mails using foul and threatening language will face prosecution, according to senior Police officials.

Indian Newslink regularly receives anonymous letters against politicians, community leaders, businesspersons and others. Many of them are lewd and oppressive.

One hate mail writer has not spared even this newspaper.

Following requests from readers, the concerned authorities are now in the process of analysing these anonymous letters for further action.

Two persons have identified the handwriting of a hate mailer writing about this newspaper, which will shortly be pursued by the Police.

Auckland City District Western Area Commander Inspector Jim Wilson told Indian Newslink that it was possible to identify perpetrators of such hate mail through their handwriting and other sources.

“We can prosecute anyone who threatens in writing or orally,” he said.

According to the current law, those convicted could face up to two years in jail.

New Zealand High Court Barrister Rambhatla Sastry said that the degree of criminality was evident in the case of two hate mails sent by a person to two top Auckland based executives during the past month.

“The criminality can be discerned not just from the background and the number and careful selection of people involved but also from the obvious degree of preparation and deliberation that went into the dispatch of these emails,” he said.

In a detailed report appearing on Page 3, a psychologist and an author provide their views on the subject and how to deal with them.

Photo : Inspector Jim Wilson

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