Healthy living begins with good ambiance

As a part of their 20th birthday, Tony Martin has revamped its gym with a startling range of new equipment.

Virtually all the machines and free weight have been upgraded over the last 12 months and some say it is easily the best equipped gym in Auckland.

It attracts serious sportspeople as well as those just wishing for general fitness. Premier Rugby, League and Soccer players enjoy the variety of performance enhancing equipment.

Innovative features

Virtually most of Auckland top bodybuilders train there inspiring younger contenders with their training techniques and nutritional advice.

For those not wishing the high energy of the top floor Tony has created a cardio theatre on the ground floor with over 40 separate pieces of the latest cardio equipment with their own entertainment stations.

You can therefore watch your favourite shows whilst excising.

Accompanying this area is a full body circuit of the ‘Sports Art’ resistance equipment, which recently won awards in the fitness industry for its functionality and smooth operation.

Another wonderful facet of the facility is its small group studio, where a fantastic range of small classes are offered with no extra charge.

These include Zumba, Yoga, TRX Sling fitness, pump, boot camps, skipping and boxfit.

With the epidemic of diabetes, Tony’s staff are well versed in nutritional plans and expert advice can be offered to assist clients overcome this serious issue.

Wellness score

An amazing machine at the club gives all new members a window to their bodies. A short, non-invasive procedure gives the client body fat, lean muscle count, fluid balance, Body Mass Index (BMI), Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and an overall wellness score.

This can be used as a tangible basis for re-assessment with accurate feedback as to how a particular training system/diet is progressing thereby eliminating errors.

Interactive spin

Recently installed in the Spin Cycle section is an exciting innovation called interactive spin, in which the participant follows an interactive programme on a massive plasma (it beats just sitting there grinding out the K’s on a stationary bike).

Had a hard day and simply want to relax? The club offers infrared saunas, showers, lockers, sunbeds and unlimited free parking in 2 designated car parks with over 100 car spaces.

Can’t find the time? No problem! Tony has opened the ‘Gym 24hrs,’ fully staffed from Monday 5 am to Saturday 3 pm and Sunday 8 am to 1 pm.

Tony welcomes you to a free trial before you join.

Please visit and apply for a free three-day trial pass. Tony Martin has a friendly Reception, in addition to a wide variety of supplements bars and delicious protein smoothies.

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