Help to children on hardship reaches record level

Julie Chapman

Auckland, October 31, 2017

A record 700 low-decile schools across New Zealand are now receiving KidsCan support thanks to the generosity of New Zealanders during the charities ‘Kids Can. Can you?’ Campaign.

We asked Kiwis to rally in support of Kiwi children living in hardship. To reflect on the sense of camaraderie we had when we were young and how it’s okay to help and show kindness, without passing judgement.

Increased access

New Zealanders mobilised and as a result 25 schools were taken from the waiting list and now a milestone 700 schools in 16 regions across New Zealand have access to our KidsCan programmes.

The number of children now with access to the basics provided by Kidscan has jumped from 161,000 to 168,000.

KidsCan is now feeding more than 30,000 children a week in schools, which on its own is a substantial figure highlighting the food need in this country. But the numbers are even more eye-opening when you realise what that means in terms of food.

For example, more than one million food items were packed up and sent out from our warehouse in our latest term four food distribution weeks.

Good food

1,045,364 food items in 15,000 cartons of food. Including Scroggin, Baked Beans, Fruits Pottles, Tasti Bars, Easyio, Jam and Peanut butter.

With support from its monthly donors KidsCan also provides other programmes in schools, giving children living in hardship access to raincoats, socks and shoes, and basic health and hygiene items.

We provide these items because we know from 12 years’ experience that it means they are in a better position to come to school and into the classroom in a better position to learn. Education equals opportunity and all children, regardless of their social economic background should have an equal chance.

There are still 16 schools on our waiting list. We’re calling on more caring Kiwis to please help us on our mission to make sure no child goes without the basics. To sign up and become a monthly supporter and help change a child’s life. That would be a special way to end the year,”

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