High spirits mark Rewa Masters

The Rewa Masters Football Club (RMFC) was formed in 2011 by people who are passionate about soccer and Rewa, the land of the Delta Tigers.

Many of them have played soccer in Fiji and represented Rewa, either in their youth or at District level. Some others were involved with their respective clubs in Fiji.

Members support

RMFC is guided by a Board appointed by the members. This not-for-profit Association does not receive any Government grant or assistance.

Our primary revenue source is player affiliation fees or donations received from generous individuals. The Club also has several volunteers.

Our aim is to build the Club for people with a passion for soccer and for those keen to give something back to the sport in New Zealand.

We also want to motivate people to keep healthy and fit even in the later stages of their lives.

RMFC is keen to field a competitive team each year through hard work and proper training and reach the status of other well-established clubs.

Steady progress

Since its inception, the Team has steadily climbed the ladder of success, winning Divisions 2 and 3 of Veterans Soccer, and the Winter League Competition organised by Auckland Football Federation, the only Club affiliated under Mangere United to do so.

We created history recently by winning the Jo Tubuna Cup. Our mantra is to promote better team spirit and unity among our members by recruiting local soccer talent.

The upcoming International Veterans Tournament presents another opportunity for RMFC to showcase its soccer skills. The Team has been training hard for the past few weeks under the watchful eyes of President Shailendra, Manager Iqbal and Captain Thomas.

Ved Singh is Vice-President of the Rewa Masters Football Club

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