Holi brings sizzler to the fore

The Waitakere Holi festival appears to have become the breeding ground for a new emerging stage sizzler. The festival held on March 11 saw many Bollywood items, but none attracted as much cheers, applause and whistles six-year-old singing sensation Joshlyn Grace did with her rendition of ‘Chikni Chameli,’ a Katrina Kaif item number from ‘Agneepath.’

I was as thrilled by her performance as others did. I later met up with her aunt Jaswin Singh, who is also a dancer, gracing our events for some years now.

“Joshlyn Grace has been performing since she was two years old. She learnt dancing from me. Sometimes she likes to do her own choreography. Katrina Kaif is her inspiration and hence performs many of her numbers,” Ms Singh said.

She said that Joshlyn often did paid performances in shows and weddings and had has appeared at school functions.

“Dancing is her passion. She is talented and everyone knows that she rocks the stage. We have always had positive feedback and people really enjoy her performances,” Ms Singh added.

This little girl has a great future in dancing.

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