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‘Sri Maha Rudra Yagnyam’ creates a record in Auckland

Second and Final Part

Ragavan Rengachariar

Papakura (South Auckland) Parameswaran (Chandru) has been a source of piety and inspiration to the Hindu community for the past 16 years and many festivities and special ceremonies have been held at his Temple and other places of worship, bringing together a cross-section of people.

One such was the ‘Sri Maha Rudra Yagnyam’ held on May 13 and May 14, 2017 at Sri Shirdi Saibaba Temple in Onehunga, Auckland.

There are not many Ridwiks (scholars and priests who chant Vedic hymns as per tradition)

In New Zealand and hence the Yagnyam was held over two days. With the help of Chandru, devotees and friends, arrangements were made to fulfil all the requirements including dress material, flowers, pooja materials and food.

On both the days, while the chanting was in progress, special Abhishekams were continuously performed to Lord Ganesha, Lord Murugan, Lord Ayyappa, Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga.

Chamakam and Vasordharai

Simultaneously, another group of 11 Ridwiks and the Chief Priest performed Holy ‘Havan’ during the 11-times recital process, offering ‘Vasordharai,’ (‘Dharai’ meaning non-stop pouring of ghee) seeking the blessings of the Almighty.

‘Vasordharai’ is performed (as ‘Chamakam,’ the final part of Rudram Recital) with a very long ghee pouring equipment, specially made for the purpose and is usually handled by the Chief Priest.

At the end of the Rudram recitals, special ‘Rudra Thrisati Archana’ (offer of flowers with 300 names of Lord Shiva) was performed. Special decoration with special Vasthrams (clothes for the Deities), flowers, prayers and Maha Aarthi formed a part of the proceedings.  Maha Prasadam was served to all devotees.

On the evening of first day, the Deities were decorated and Vedic recitals of Siksha Valli, Brugu Valli and Aanandha Valli and Lalitha Sahasranamam filled the air.

This was then followed by a recital of ‘Krama Archana’ (Rudram verses in special Archana format) for the first time in New Zealand.

Chandru led the performance of Vedic rites, joined by Priests of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple and Thiru Subramaniyar Temple and Ridwiks – elders and youngsters from Bhajan Satsangh, RAMS Foundation, Aasthiga Bhaktha Sangeerthana Samajam, Kannada Koota and others from Wellington, Hamilton, Sydney and Melbourne).

The Programme was supported by donations and contributions towards various Sankalpams, while scores of volunteers attended to various tasks.

It was a divine experience, gratified by the appreciation and expression of interest by families and younger members of the community for similar religious festivals in the years to come.

Ragavan Rengachariar is Founder-Trustee of the RAMS Foundation, a Trust registered under the New Zealand Charities Commission. An Auckland resident, he writes extensively on Temples and spiritual and religious matters. The above is the second and final part of his article. The first part appeared in our June 1, 2017 issue, which can be accessed (under Archives) at our website www.indiannewslink.co.nz.


Photo Caption:

  1. Sri Maha Rudra Yagnyam demonstrated piety and discipline
  2. The Ridwicks at the Yagnyam

(Pictures supplied by Venkat Subramaniam)

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