Hope enters Shanti Niwas for long-term engagement

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Senior member of the community who visit Shanti Niwas Charitable Trust in Central Auckland will be major beneficiaries as they reach the benefits of ‘Hope.’

Jyoti Parashar and three seniors from the Trust recently attended a ‘Train the Trainer Programme’ conducted recently by Diabetes New Zealand and thereafter organised a ‘Hope’ programme at Shanti Niwas during the School Holidays last month.

Healthy Eating

Shanti Niwas Project Manager Nilima Venkat said that the core theme of Hope was to convey the importance of eating healthy and tasty food.

“Three generations of families found the course useful and informative. There were a number of creative activities and food demonstrations held as a part of the Programme,” she said.

According to Ms Venkat, Hope is a Family (Whānau) centred Health Promotion programme delivered in community settings over four sessions.

“It empowers existing communities such as Churches, Maraes, Sports Groups and Community Centres by training people to deliver the Hope Programme, working together as a group in moving towards a healthy, active lifestyle. The aim is to foster healthier lifestyles among communities that are under health risks and reduce the incidence of diabetes and resultant complications,” she said.

Key components

Hope enters Shanti Niwas- Demonstration of healthy cookingEach session accounts for three key components including (a) Presentation of key information (b) Physical activity and (c) A cooking demonstration with practical cooking experience for family groups.

“Shanti Niwas enables senior members of the society to gain greater control over the determinants that affect their life. Hence collaborating with Hope programme assisted our seniors and their families with improved lifestyle changes. We feel proud and determined, as we have gone a little extra mile to help empower our community lead good quality of life,” Ms Venkat said.

Impressive achievements

Established in 1994, Shanti Niwas has several achievements to its credit, the most significant of which is the comfort and care that it offers to the senior members of the society. Men and women, who often feel the pinch of solitude and sometime neglect, find this organisation a good avenue to meet, read, engage in conversation and play meaningful games.

The Trust delivers positive ageing programmes thrice a week for lonely and isolated older people and once a week for people with disabilities.

It also provides Elder Abuse Prevention Service, Counselling, Advocacy and Translation; and helps in accessing any age-related services and help elders to integrate into the New Zealand society for the betterment of the quality of life of seniors and their families.

The Trust is located at 14 Spring Street (Next to Dolphin Theatre) in Onehunga, Auckland. Further details can be obtained on (09) 6221010 Email: shantiniwas@xtra.co.nz Website: www.shantiniwas.org.nz   

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