Hot tips for a cool start at school

It is that time of year; Back to School!

When this statement comes up, everyone experiences different feelings.

Some are impatiently excited, while you hear moans and groans from others. It is a New Year, and a new start.

This is for all school-goers- new and old!

You would be on the threshold of either a new school, or a new grade. Again, it is those mixed feelings. Most people will take the transition smoothly. For others, here are a few tricks that can be of help.

Stay positive: Being optimistic will encourage you to look at school in a positive light. A new school year leads to many things, including new learning, friends and fun.

Stay calm: Take deep breaths. Exhale all your worries out with each breath. This may sound strange, but the tip works. This will relax all your nerves that might be wracking with stress. The calming technique is sure to stop the stress building up. No one wants a stress overload, especially at the start of a new school year.

Stay focused: This may also seem a strange tip, but if you visualise yourself having a good start, then the positive energy will help to concentrate and enjoy school life.

Stay organised: You should prepare a checklist, keep all your books and stationery and other school essentials packed into your bag. Revise last year’s notes to keep your memory refreshed and tick off everything on the checklist. Organising for your new year, and especially doing everything yourself will provide you with a sense of maturity and independence.

These two qualities are essential in school life as they will help you gain confidence and be in control of your life.

A new school year makes many children nervous but if you take it cool, you are guaranteed to have a great one!

Thirteen-Year old Muskan Devta is a significant achiever. Her first book, ‘i dream,’ was released on December 3, 2013 under the sponsorship of BNZ Partners North Shore. A detailed report appeared in our December 15, 2013 issue. Copies of the Book can be purchased by writing to Read another article by Muskan in this Section.

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