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Auckland, February 9, 2018

A new show called ‘HUM – A slipping glimpse,’ being promoted as a dance/interactive video/music performance is scheduled to be held from Tuesday, March 6 to Saturday, March 10, 2018 at the Basement Theatre in Auckland.

Caitlin Smith, a well-known vocalist, will be featured in the forthcoming programme.

She said that last year, two of friends, both dancers, became emotionally and physically burnt out from the pressures and expectations experienced by them.

Shocking experience

“Although they have recovered now, their experience profoundly shocked me as I thought they were invincible. I started ‘asking around’ and most people involved in Creative Performance mentioned that they had gone through the same experience. It was a topic that needed to be discussed but from a positive perspective, seeking solutions and strategies to regain confidence and control.”

The solution was to belong to a like-minded community of creative people who are positively supportive, non-judgemental, adventurous and experimental in spirit.

Attempting to regain creative impetus and drive while isolated or alone appears to be far less effective.

‘HUM – A slipping glimpse’ reflects this creative process, with the all-encompassing body rhythms that vibrate when a person is being truly creative. One can go on for hours with the creative process, oblivious to time and distractions.

Slipping Glimpse

‘A slipping glimpse’ is a phrase coined by the American painter Willem de Kooning.

It is a phrase that explains the creative process.

Caitlin described it as a ‘state of uncertainty, the feeling of standing on unstable ground (slipping)’ while looking at a closed curtain.

“On a few occasions when the curtain opens, you have a glimpse of where you are heading, but before you get comfortable, the curtain closes and suddenly, you are back in a state of slipping uncertainty,” she said.

About Caitlin Smith

An Art Director and Visualiser, Caitlin Smith has taught Pre-production and Concept Design at AUT University’s Digital Design Department.

She has worked in diverse fields such as Performance Art and Animation and has produced, directed and created Multimedia for Dance/Technology Performances both in New Zealand and overseas, particularly in Japan.

Caitlin has worked with some of the people involved in ‘HUM’ since she sees them as a like-minded community. She has known and worked with Soufiane Karam since his Canac dance troupe was brought to New Zealand many years ago.

International Artistes

The dancers Soufiane Karam and Hind Benali are based in New Caledonia where they run a dance school and performance programme.

Soufiane is an international Hip Hop dancer from Paris and was used by Pepsi Cola in their promotional campaigns.

Hind, originally from Morocco, is a Contemporary dancer who has danced internationally. She has a strong North African influence in her dancing.

Akriti Rana is a Jazz/Swing dancer who was Caitlin’s former student in the Digital Design Department of AUT University.

Flavio Villani, from Italy, is an international Concert Pianist and joint Composer of the music score for ‘HUM.’

Steven Riley, Senior AV technician at AUT and a well-known Auckland Musician is a joint composer with Flavio Villani.

Helen Sword is a Professor at Auckland University and an international poet.

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