Immigration quota for Fijians next year

There have been interesting developments in recent times that are worth reading.

Fiji has once again regained its power, with the lifting of its suspension from the Pacific Access Category, which will be an alternative route for Fiji nationals to gain residence from 2015. It is a ballot system but the number of places allotted is not known.

The Pacific Access Category featured Samoa at the top (1100), followed by Tonga (250), Kiribati (75) and Tuvalu (75).

Settlement Support

Some new migrants struggle to settle if they do not have the right connections. Many do not know the extent of assistance available under the Support Structure.

One of the well-known gaps in the system is access to these services. There has been many out-reach programmes in place and service providers have actively tried to reach the intended customer base but in some cases without success. I hope that this frustration will be overcome by the recent announcement in respect of settlement support.

Personalised service

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) announced that the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) will be the provider of face-to-face settlement information services for new migrants across the country. This has been in operation for some months now.

It was announced that all settlement information, both New Zealand-wide and region specific, will be located on one website ( The Immigration Contact Centre will extend current service availability for migrants to a six-day, twelve-hour-day service. Any recent settler needing assistance can contact the nearest CAB.

This is indeed a great collaborate initiative.


INZ sometimes removes vocations from its ‘Long Term Skill Shortage List.’ This does not mean potential migrants cannot apply. There are other options that may be appropriate, if an employer cannot find suitable New Zealanders for a position. It is always beneficial to talk to those qualified to give immigration advice.

Immigration Fraud

If you are young, unmarried and disparate to stay in New Zealand, you may be told that the best rouse is Partnership.

Some people are believed to have parted with large sums of money (even $20,000) to “buy a partner.” Many have succeeded, and good for them.

But I have witnessed a new trend. Some people enter into relationships with innocent and gullible New Zealand nationals who are in it for ‘love.’ Many of these (including people of Indian origin) seeking partnership partners have an ulterior motive.

This approach has serious long-term implications for the New Zealand national and their family members because they have entered into partnership in good faith.

This trend is very concerning.

You may have heard or read about two Fijian nationals who were recently found guilty of providing false and misleading information to INZ. The Auckland District Court sentenced the man to 20 months term in jail and the woman to 12 months home detention (See Page One of this issue).

This case indicates that INZ will not tolerate such fictitious relationships and that the accused will be brought to justice and if convicted, run the risk of revocation of their residence visa, deportation and possibly banned from returning to New Zealand.

It is certain that the long arm of the law finally catches up with offenders,

“Does such crime pay? ‘Where is the individual moral compass? Is immigration an area where desperation justifies the end? Are the consequences worth the risk?

Perhaps you may like to answer these questions.

Kamil Lakshman is a Lawyer & Principal of Wellington based law firm Idesi Legal Limited. She can be contacted on (04) 4616018 or 021-1598803. Email:; The opinions expressed in her article above are her own and not that of Idesi Legal Limited or the New Zealand Law Society, or its Wellington Branch, or its affiliated bodies and committees or Indian Newslink. Readers can send their comments (names can be withheld from publication on request) also to

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