In gratitude we serve the Lord

Dear Devotees

On behalf of the Executive Trustee, trustees and committee members I congratulate you on the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Shiv Temple.

The Temple was inaugurated by Acharya Maha Mandleshwar Dr Shivendra Puriji Maharaj on May 29, 2004. It was His vision and inspiration that resulted in the construction of Shiv Temple in New Zealand.

The Shiv Temple is managed by a Committee to serve you.

This is the opportunity for you to make the best use of the facility.

The Temple has a paid full time Priest from India, well-versed in Karam Kand and Shiv Pooja.

Great significance

A temple has a special significance for Hindus and I am confident that this organisation will reserve and promote the Hindu Culture and religion amongst not only this generation but also the generations to come.

We whole-heartedly thank all those who have helped or contributed in any way towards the construction and in the operation of the Temple.

We also sincerely appreciate the efforts by some members and their families associated with the Trust since its beginning.

You will be blessed and rewarded for your participation in the activities and your services to the Temple (past, present and future).

This is an abode for Lord Shiv, the Lord of the Lords ‘Mahadev.’

Prem Chand is President & Trustee of Sanatan Shivarchan Trust, New Zealand, which owns and manages the Shiv Mandir located at 43 Holmes Road, Manurewa, Auckland.

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