Inclusive journalism aids social cohesion

There is an increasing demand for media services that inform, educate and entertain all New Zealanders and in doing so reflect our diverse society.

Indian Newslink has made tremendous progress in carving a niche for itself.

The newspaper’s print and online editions provide a very useful communication network among the Indian Subcontinent and Middle Eastern communities and over the past few years among the wider public.

Its popularity has meant the newspaper developed from a monthly to become a fortnightly publication.

Indian Newslink provides news about the Indian community through its Homelink, Electionlink, Businesslink Communitylink, Entertainmentlink and Special Reports.

Its Editorials provide insight into community issues as well as a focus on political topics, which seem balanced.

Perhaps the newspaper could further extend its news value by investigating issues in more depth, such as drawing on its police and education contacts to source issues affecting the community.

The market for ethnic newspapers has become very competitive in recent times.

Over the years, a number of ethnic Indian newspapers have come and gone.

There are currently half a dozen ‘Indian’ newspapers in Auckland each claiming to be the best. Frankly, some are a ‘cut and paste’ job; others do a better job at background research and writing the news articles.

An informed community is essential to the democratic process.

I hope Indian Newslink will continue its journey with more vigour and inclusivity of the wider South Asian community.

I wish the newspaper every success and look forward to seeing it becoming a weekly, including more community linkages with other major centres of New Zealand.

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