India needs agro-technology for better harvest

The Indian agriculture sector is currently facing a number of challenges and needs to adopt innovative technologies to achieve sustainability, said experts at a conference on sustainable agriculture practices.

“Indian agriculture is currently at cross-roads. We need a paradigm shift from the existing high-input practices to resource conserving technologies,” Advancement of Agriculture Trust Chairman R S Paroda said, speaking at a conference in New Delhi on June 4.

He added that greater emphasis should be placed on improving inputs, integrating farming systems through diversification, addressing gender issues, adaptation to and mitigation of climate change in the sector.

“To address poverty and to improve livelihood, we must ensure increased farm income through resource conserving innovations and linking farmers to markets,” he said.

Organised by The Energy Resources Institute, the conference, held under the theme, ‘Sustainable Agriculture Practices to Meet Challenges in Indian Agriculture,’ also addressed modern biotechnological practices in agriculture.

The Institute’s Director General R K Pachauri stressed that sustainable farming practices were important for the country’s food security.

“There is a pressing need to disengage from the input-intensive agriculture and shift to sustainable farming. Nevertheless, sustainable agriculture themes have become central issues to be addressed by policy makers and leaders,” he said.

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