Indian bakery delights New Zealanders

Less than five years ago, when he was employed in a supermarket, Shally Rana used to tell us of his dream to establish a bakery that would be distinct from all the others in the market.

“New Zealanders deserve fresh, healthy and reasonably priced bakery products. Someday I will provide a range of biscuits, pies, cakes and other confectionery items that would be a source of delight,” he used to tell us.

As he began Bake & Beans on Dominion Road in Mt Roskill in July 2009, he remained confident and self-assured of the quality of products that he had planned to bake and sell.

He was not wrong. The retail outlet is today one of the fastest growing in bakery business. As well catering to an increasing number of multi-ethnic clients, Bake & Beans is also attracting suggestions for franchise from a number of interested entrepreneurs.

Authentic taste

“The success of this small enterprise is gratifying. Customers come here because of the authentic taste, flavour, variety and affordability of our products. We will continue to innovate and serve the varying and evolving tastes of our customers,” Mr Rana said.

Conforming to the Islamic belief and teaching, this bakery serves only Halal products, which range from biscuits, cakes, puffs, pies and other items.

“From the beginning, we were committed to providing hygienic and healthy products. Our production facility located below the shop enables us to make available fresh items. We honour Muslim and Hindu customs and hence do not sell pork or beef. Halal is not confined to chicken, meat, and other non-vegetarian items. It includes bakery products such as biscuits and cakes. All the items made and sold at our retail store are free of animal fat and gelatine, which are also considered Halal,” Mr Rana said.

Expanding variety

Variety is the most significant factor at Bake & Beans with an extensive range of breads (ordinary, milk, toast, khari and nan khatai), biscuits (butter, salt, jeera), cakes (wedding, birthday, anniversary, special image and shape), puffs (chicken curry, chicken Manchurian, paneer chilly), rolls (vegetarian, chicken and lamb sausage), pies (butter chicken, chicken Manchurian, lamb and cheese, lamb and mince, spinach and cottage cheese).

“These are just a small list of items. We have more than 40 types of biscuits, cakes, breads and other products. We now sell eggless cakes and will constantly try to extend the range,” Mr Rana said.

The retail shop is open from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 7 pm, Saturday from 9 am to 7 pm and Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm.

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