Indian employer accused of cheating

An Indian resident in New Zealand on a work visa has accused his former employer of cheating and paying less than the minimum wage prescribed under the Labour Law.

Avtar Singh, who holds a management diploma from a local institute, said that he was paid just $8 per hour while employed in an Auckland supermarket.

He said he arrived in New Zealand five years ago on a student visa and worked at the supermarket to meet his education and other living expenses.

“Although I am allowed to work only 20 hours a week, the employer forced me to do longer hours. He paid only $8 per hour but I had no choice but to remain a silent sufferer,” he said.

Mr Singh said that the former employer also used a number of ‘excuses’ to deduct money from his meagre salary.

“He once blamed me for a faulty deep freezer and deducted $100 from my salary. There have also been occasions, when he blamed me for shortages in the supermarket and other ‘faults.’ I challenged him to prove with the close circuit television cameras installed throughout the store but he never bothered. I have lost more than $1000 in such deductions,” he said.

Mr Singh said he now works for another employer on contract basis.

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