Indian High Commission to host International Yoga Day

Wellington, May 24, 2017

The Indian High Commission will mark Sunday, June 18, 2017 as the ‘International Day of Yoga’ in Wellington with the support of Indian associations.

High Commissioner Sanjiv Kohli said that ‘International Day of Yoga’ will be observed on June 18 from 1030 am to 1130 am at Bharat Bhawan located at 48 Kemp Street, Kilbirnie.

“International Day of Yoga 2017 will also be marked in other important cities in New Zealand including Auckland and Christchurch in collaboration with the Indian diaspora associations,” he said.

‘International Yoga Day’ has become a fad with more than 100 countries observing the tradition with fervour, as if not doing so would have them ostracised on the global platform.

Modi takes stance

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who started the movement with a suggestion during his speech at the UN General Assembly on September 27, 2014 (the world body adopted a Resolution on December 11, 2014 making June 21 as the International Yoga Day), led more than 36,000 people at Delhi’s Rajpath on that day.

The ‘Yoga Fever’ gripped New Zealand with almost all Indian and non-Indian organisations joining the observance throughout the country. Led by the Indian High Commission, hundreds of people have realised the significance of standing on one leg for moments, which, if practiced daily, can accrue panacea for a number of bodily ailments.

UN Chief enticed

Former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon described Yoga as “An ancient discipline from a traditional setting that has grown in popularity to be enjoyed by practitioners in every region.

“Yoga offers a simple, accessible and inclusive means to promote physical and spiritual health and well-being. It promotes respect for one’s fellow human beings and for the planet we share. Yoga does not discriminate; to varying degrees, all people can practice, regardless of their relative strength, age or ability,” he said in a statement.

Mr Ban Ki-moon said that he discovered the value of Yoga while doing his first asana, a tree pose suited to beginners.

“It took a moment for me to gain my balance but once I did, I appreciated the simple sense of satisfaction that yoga can bring. On this first-ever International Day of Yoga, let us see the benefits of this practice in terms of individual well-being as well as our collective efforts to improve public health, promote peaceful relations and usher in a life of dignity for all,” he said.


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