Innovative plan takes mobiles a degree higher

The days of multiple, expensive mobile data plans are over, with the launch of ‘Shared Data’ between 2degrees devices on May 7, 2012.

Mobile data use on the 2degrees network has increased by more than 200% over the last year as more customers use multiple devices to stay connected wherever they go. 2degrees has also found that almost three-quarters of New Zealanders (72%) have unused data at the end of the month.

2degrees Chief Executive Eric Hertz said ‘Shared Data’ started from a simple principle: you should get what you pay for.

“Pay Monthly customers can now cover up to five mobile devices from one data plan, allocating their data to any smartphone, tablet, USB modem or gaming device that uses the 2degrees network. Unused data no longer goes to waste,” he said.

Mr Hertz said data can also be shared with any other 2degrees customer – including Prepay customers.

“This means your family, friends or colleagues can use the same data quota without needing multiple, complex plans,” he said.

A 2degrees nationwide survey found that nearly half of all Kiwis own multiple mobile devices, which connect to the Internet.

However, almost three-quarters of those surveyed believe their data plans do not offer good value for money.

The survey also found that fewer than 50% of New Zealanders think mobile data plans are simple to understand. With users’ spend on mobile data averaging more than $50 a month, the demand for better and fairer mobile data is clear.

2degrees is the first mobile company to address this issue.

Mr Hertz said Shared Data is free to all 2degrees Pay Monthly customers for the first six months. In addition, everyone joining would get 1 GB of Bonus Data free every month for one year, so that would always have plenty to share.

Editor’s Note: 2degrees Mobile Limited is the sponsor of the ‘Best Small Business’ Category of the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards 2012. The Company sponsored the Best Small or Medium-Sized Business Category last year.

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