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Ten years ago, in our July 1, 2007 issue, we had quoted Steve Bovaird (who was then Principal, Lynfield College, Auckland) paying tributes to the leadership qualities of a
Form Seven student.

Less than a year later, in our March 1, 2008 issue, we had reported that the young student – Pauras Rege – had been awarded the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Foundation Aspire Scholarship for his ‘consistent academic success and contribution to school and community life.’ He also represented New Zealand at the UNESCO World Heritage Forum in 2008.

Corporate Solutions

Now, a decade later, we found the young man leading the way for New Zealand’s Business Sales and Capital Solutions Sector.

As Investment Manager for Colliers International New Zealand, he has emerged as a market leader in the sector, guiding deals for businesses valued at more than $2 million.

Analysing industry prospects and sourcing new clients, he brings each deal to its logical and successful conclusion.

He also raises funds by securing capital commitments and developing relationships.

“I aim to position myself in the Indian community as a market leader in the Business Sales and Capital Solutions field and help people realise their objectives,” he said.

Impressive Career

Born and raised in Mumbai, he migrated to New Zealand when he had just turned a teenager, with his father, Chief Marine Engineer in Merchant Navy and mother, employed at ASB Bank.

A Chartered Accountant, he commenced his career at PwC, acquiring invaluable experience in financial accounting, financial analysis and financial reporting. His portfolio extended to major clients in retail, distribution, not-for-profit, technology, manufacturing, real estate, software and telecommunications fields.

Later, his role as an Internal Advisory at ASB Bank afforded opportunities to lead internal reviews comprising small-sized teams and develop advice-based relationships with internal business partners.

Opportunities at Colliers

Colliers International offered him challenges and opportunities to pursue his career ambitions in expanding his capability in finance, accounting, entrepreneurship and leadership in finding successful business solutions to small and medium enterprises that dominate the New Zealand economy.

“Joining Colliers International allowed me to synthesise these skills and join a highly motivated, collaborative team with over 40 years of combined experience. We have a diverse range of skills that complement in providing quality business investment opportunities backed by industry research and market knowledge,” Mr Rege said.

Recipe for success

Personalised service, supported by a sound knowledge of the needs and financial disposition of every client, market intelligence and negotiation skills enable Mr Rege and his team to deliver high quality service with expertise, integrity and honesty for which Colliers International has an indubitable record worldwide.

He and his team are currently marketing a strategically located Auckland quarry that is awaiting a new owner to unearth its mineral wealth and develop the site into a potential future suburb.

Indian community potential

Mr Rege is keen to tap the increasing potential of the Indian community and its propensity to invest and create wealth.

“My education and work experience will enable me to help provide high quality professional service in Business Sales and Capital Solutions for the fast-growing Indian community in New Zealand,” he said.

Beyond his profession, Mr Rege is a member of ‘Prayas,’ an Indian Theatre Company, and ‘Indiance,’ a School specialising in Bollywood dances. He has been featured in New Zealand based TV soaps such as Shortland Street.

He is also currently a member of the Auckland University Cricket Club (Premier Reserves & Senior A-Men’s cricket) and was previously Captain of the Eden Roskill Cricket Club (Premier Reserves-Men’s cricket) from 2010-2014.

Pauras Rege can be reached on (09) 3578604 or 021-1558107. Email:


Photo Caption:

Pauras Rege (right) with and colleagues Shelley May and Marcus Jacobson

(Picture Supplied)

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