Joint pursuit of excellence endears all

New Zealand Career College (NZCC) is delighted to be celebrating significant birthday milestones with its long standing partner Indian Newslink.

After 10 and 15 years in business respectively, the ties between the two organisations have never been stronger. Although different in form and function, excellence is a shared goal driving the continued success of both businesses.

NZCC comprises a group of 65 highly motivated and skilled professionals with a commitment to quality learning and teaching in the Private Tertiary sector.

Useful Programmes

As a government-funded Category One provider of a range of Early Childhood, Health, Business, and Trades Programmes to domestic and international students, it has continued to grow its presence in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Furthermore, courses are delivered right across the educational spectrum, from Level 2 & 3 Youth Guarantee offerings through to specialist graduate business and MBA pathways in collaboration with its international partners.

Employment focus

Feroz Ali, NZCC’s Managing Director, is singular in his commitment to only provide Vocational Courses which lead to Professional Careers, an employment focus often missing in the tertiary sector where qualifications have become the commodity, rather than the means to a future.

This market and needs-based approach, together with a pastoral care philosophy centred on nurturing the whole student, has resulted in the enhancement of over 5000 individuals and families over the last decade.

Visionary approach

This visionary approach is also practised by Indian Newslink, the oldest Indian newspaper in New Zealand, particularly in its strong commitment to quality and investigative journalism.

It has no political agenda and has always remained independent and uncompromising on its principles. It began as a monthly in November 1999, became a fortnightly in March 2003 and has since grown to embrace four other brands namely Indian Newslink Fastfind Indian Business Directory, Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards, Indian Newslink Sir Anand Satyanand Lecture and Indian Newslink Indian Sports Awards.

Valuable partnership

NZCC and Indian Newslink have fostered a partnership based on adding value to the lives of individuals, to be well educated and well informed.

The two organisations share a passion for quality, as evidenced by the setting and retaining of their own high standards and by remaining uninfluenced by factors other than those which are beneficial to the community. Both bring their partnership to the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards, one as a Sponsor to encourage excellence in performance and the other as the organiser of the Awards Project to recognise and reward excellence.

The partnership also thrives because of a common belief that New Zealand is a country that offers tremendous potential and opportunities in business and education for all that wish to pursue these, irrespective of socio-economic background or cultural identity. There has never been a better time for collaborative efforts and the future looks bright for both organisations.

Dr Paul Pickering is the Marketing and Development Director at the New Zealand Career College (NZCC) based in Auckland. NZCC is the Sponsor of the Business Excellence in Export to India Category of the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards 2013. Read another article under Educationlink in this issue.

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