Kauri dieback closes Waitakere Ranges this weekend

Radio New Zealand

Auckland, February 17, 2018

Around 50 volunteers will be out in the Waitakere Ranges this weekend, urging visitors to walk elsewhere to prevent the spread of kauri dieback. The area has been placed under a rahui by local iwi Te Kawerau Maki and Auckland council has closed dozens of tracks, in an attempt to stop the disease spreading.

Volunteers Appeal

Several environmental groups, including Forest and Bird and the Tree Council have organised for volunteers to adopt-a-track and stand at track entrances to explain to visitors about the rahui.

Tree Council Secretary Mels Barton said that volunteers will be helping to clear up any confusion around the rahui and track closures.

She said that every person who opted not to walk in the ranges was helping reduce the risk of kauri dieback spreading.

Just normal people having conversations with the people turning up that probably know nothing about the rahui, just to educate them a little bit about what it is, why it is so important and ask them if they would please next time go somewhere else for a walk, she said.

Protecting the environment

Te Kawerau a Maki executive manager Edward Ashby said that the event was about the community standing up to protect their environment.

Anything people want to do to protect the ngahere is good with us.

Auckland Councils Environment and Community Committee will meet next week to consider taking action for kauri dieback once again.

Councillors have previously voted in favour of keeping the range open, with some commenting that it would be impossible to stop people entering the park even if it was closed.

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Photo Caption

Kauri in the Waitakere Ranges (RNZ Picture by Sally Murphy)


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