Labour says housing crisis worsens

Phil Twyford

Wellington, January 20, 2017

National’s failure to provide sufficient social housing for vulnerable families has been underscored by latest figures showing a record number of families on the waiting list.

Some 6110 families were in need of social housing in December up from 5770 in the previous quarter.

But compared to the same period in 2015, nearly 1500 more families were languishing on the waiting list – a rise of 32%.

This is stark evidence of the Government’s inept handling of the social housing crisis and just more proof that National’s policies are failing.

Aggravating poverty

We know poverty and inequality are getting worse and worse under Bill English’s Government. Just yesterday latest figures showed the demand for Hardship Assistance Grants rising sharply in the last year.

National has run out of ideas, it does not have the answers.

Labour does.

We will build 1000 state houses a year until the demand for social housing can met without people being forced into sub-standard accommodation while they wait.

It is time to change the government so those most vulnerable get the support they need.

Phil Twyford is Member of Parliament elected from Te Atatu Constituency in Auckland and Labour Party’s Spokesperson on Housing.

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