Labour upbeat about electoral fortunes

Labour is upbeat about its performance in the forthcoming general election (on September 20) but is also ready to form the next Government, Grant Robertson, the Party’s Shadow Leader in Parliament has said.

“The Party’s membership has returned to the 1980s level, contributing to a really invigorating campaign throughout New Zealand,” he said at the campaign launch of Tofik Mamedov at the Botany constituency in East Auckland on May 31,

Labour’s activity in Botany was a further indication of the determination of the Party to win the election and ensure that New Zealand had a Government that responded to the needs of the people rather than the demands of foreign corporates with deep pockets, he added.

“The message to voters this election is very clear – either greater debt, fewer jobs, unaffordable housing and increased costs under National and its coat-tailing partners or a Labour Government with a focus on the needs of New Zealand families, on job creation, increased wages, affordable housing, paying down the government debt and running surpluses,” Mr Robertson said.

Soaring debt

Gross Government debt under National since 2008 had soared to $52 billion, the highest since the days of (Robert) Muldoon (who was the Prime Minister under a National Government from 1975 to 1984), he said.

Labour’s Associate Spokesperson for Ethnic Affairs Raymond Huo said that a Government led by his Party would use ‘KiwiBuild’ to enable 100,000 New Zealanders own their first home.

“New Zealand is experiencing the highest rate of house price increases in the developed world and as a result Auckland house prices have ballooned by 40% in the last five years. This is pricing ordinary families out of owning their own homes,” he said.

Botany Labour Electorate Committee Secretary Alan Papprill said that Tofik Mamedov is the first Azerbaijani chosen to represent a political party in New Zealand.

“His selection is a reflection of the multi-ethnic community resident in Botany and an endorsement of the contribution that migrant groups make to New Zealand,” he said.

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