Large-scale paucity enlarges the crime scene

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It distresses me to hear of the attacks and burglaries that have been happening in Auckland recently – on businesses, communities and people.

This level of crime is unacceptable and I can understand why some have started standing up to the attackers.

I am not sure this is a good thing unless one is confident in one’s ability to overpower an attacker.  One could end up in a worse state by trying to defend self, property or business.

What I am sure of is that the New Zealand First Party is concerned.

We are concerned about a lack of police resources, a lack of implementation of consequences and a lack of work by the government in to why there is crime in the first place.

Shameful government

New Zealand First also understands that there is a lot of work to be done at all these levels and as an opposition party we are working hard to make some way forward on them. However, more progress can be made once we are in government.

It is shameful this government does not understand these priorities.

But like the Bob the Builder, once we are in a position of influence in government, we will fix it.

I now have an office in the heart of South Auckland in Papatoetoe to which you are most welcome.

Any information or concerns that you may have would be important to us because we are here to support you with such things as navigating government departments, facilitating solutions to your challenges, and lobbying for change.

Public response

Your feedback also helps us to build policy that we can put in place which will ensure the safety of the entire community.

I strongly believe that everyone should feel safe in their home, business and community.

Mahesh Bindra is Member of Parliament on New Zealand First List. He is the Party’s Spokesman for Ethnic Affairs, Corrections and Customs. He can be contacted at his Out-of-Parliament Office at First Floor, 21 East Tamaki Road, Papatoetoe, Auckland 2025. Phone: 0800-246372; Email:

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