Larger role for Local Boards

A progressive businessman with a heart for community welfare and service believes that Local Boards should be considered an integral part of the decision-making process of Auckland City.

Howick based Paul Young, who describes himself as ‘a proud Asian-Kiwi,’ said that it was time to stand up for the residents and their families and ensure that their voices are heard and their neighbourhood gets the best possible resources and attention.

A Conservative Party candidate for the Howick Local Board (Botany Subdivision), Mr Young said that his main concerns are health, education and safety of people of the area that he is keen to represent in local governance. He was a candidate of the Party at the Bi-election held in 2011

“I will carry the voices of Botany to the City Hall and make sure that they are heard,” he said.

Migrating from his native Taiwan in 1989, Mr Young has been a resident of Botany community and hence understands their needs well. He owns a digital technology company and spends much of his after-hours with the community.

He said that he has met 16,000 local families and has listened to their concerns over the way in which their neighborhood is being affected by government policies.

A former Chairman of the ‘Hwa Hsia Society of New Zealand’ and a Member of the Auckland Chinese Community Centre, he writes an opinion column for Asian newspaper and websites.

“We understand the importance of family, business, and everyone making a contribution,” he said, speaking about his Conservative Party.

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