Latha Ananthanarayanan

No one can ever be ‘over-insured’ since insurance needs evolve, exacerbated by increasing risks, and most importantly spiraling medical costs. The public health system is constantly under pressure and hence those with appropriate life and health insurance policies can seek comfort for themselves and provide security to their families.

If convincing people to have proper insurance is covered by challenges, Latha Ananthanarayanan of Dynamic Financial Services in Auckland loves every moment of it. She takes to marketing life like a fish taking to water, for, it is not only the knowledge of the products and policies that are on offer but also the ability to articulate them that makes her a welcome visitor to homes and offices.

Her ambition goes beyond insurance.

“I hope to become a multi-task Marketing Consultant to Sega Realty and help my fellow New Zealanders to become owners of their dream homes. ‘Serve with a smile and you can go miles,’ is my Mission,” Latha said.

She began her career in telemarketing (time share in Fiji), and later became an insurance broker in a dynamic environment. Along with success, she merited a number of awards, one of which was the top ‘Annual Premium Writer.’

Challenge has had its share in her personal life too.

Latha adores her two children- a daughter and a son – who are on their way to making their mark in their respective professions.

“Being raised in a conservative South Indian family also has its challenges but I have found that determination, commitment, honesty and hard work will certainly be rewarded with recognition and success,” she said.

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