Law enforcers share cultural wealth and heritage

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Contrary to popular belief that law-enforcing authorities including judges and court officials and people in the legal profession including lawyers, barristers and solicitors do not even know how to smile, a gathering of men and women proved last weekend that they can socialise and promote goodwill and friendship and give vent to their cultural and social values.

Paradise Restaurant in Sandringham (Auckland) hosted a cultural extravaganza at which korowais and sarees intermingled and ethnicity was embraced and celebrated.

The venue was filled with a kaleidoscope of colour and glamour, as Turkish, Indian, and Cook Island music resounded through the arterial veins of the establishment.

Inspiring moments

The event was the inspiration of lawyers Anjeet Singh, Echo Haronga, and Victor Heather, passionate about their heritage and culture. It brought together Judges, Lawyers, Court Staff, Crown, Police Prosecutors, friends and families.

It celebrated the efforts of hardworking people and bid farewell to Sergeant Eardley Dijkstra, a loyal police prosecutor with 38 years of distinguished service.

Net proceeds from this event were donated to Starship Children’s Hospital.

The spirit of Christmas and giving were reflected by the generosity of guests who gifted toys to children.

Awards and Citations

The event also recognised and rewarded several people for their services to the community, while a few were given to add fun and joy.

The Award categories included, ‘Lifestyle Transformation,’ ‘Positive Inspiration,’ ‘Best Dressed,’ ‘People’s Champion,’ ‘Man of Steel,’ ‘Laurel Award,’ and ‘Chancery Award.’

Vivienne Feyen received the ‘People’s Champion Award’ in recognition of her fearless attitude in defending the most vulnerable in society. She exemplified courage under fire, diligence in her work practice, and a stalwart of the rule of law.

The ‘Chancery Award’ was presented to Sergeant Dijkstra for his dedication to law enforcement, compassion and keen sense of fair-play in an adversarial role.

‘The Laurel Award’ was presented to Paul Borich QC for his outstanding contribution to Criminal Law, considered a Kauri in the forest of Tane Mahuta.

Gifts were donated or were heavily discounted by Jaynend Raniga of Brownsons Jewellers, based in Royal Oak.

The event ended the way it started: with plenty of entertainment and enthusiasm.


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